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Wedding Arrangements In UK

Are you trying to find Wedding Flowers Arrangements In UK that was grown and taken care of in-store? Moreover, to have these flowers delivered to your door or specific address in the UK? Be able to receive your unique and perfect floral arrangement for a certain occasion that's coming close?

A wedding without flowers would be like a beach without sand. They are an essential element of your big day and come in a whole range of styles and arrangements. It is valid that, for a wedding arrangement, the bride’s bouquet is uppermost in your thoughts. There are many florists that provide for Wedding Flowers Arrangements In UK.

But we at Ginger and Spice Florist, cater you with all essential floral and decoration based wedding arrangements. Along with that, you will receive amazing customer service while placing an order online. It will leave you feeling secure and satisfied all the way through the process? Look no further than this website!

We Offer:

An outstanding Wedding Flowers Arrangements In UK. With a selection of flowers for clients to choose from for their ideal wedding. Likewise, we guarantee we take most care at caring and preparing our flowers for our customers. Also, we are able to create a beautiful handmade floral arrangement for pedestals or tables, to make your wedding outstanding. Our customers decide which flowers they like inside the arrangement, while we carefully create your very own unique floral arrangement.

We hand make unique flower arrangements using the perfect flowers grown locally at our farms. In addition, we can cater to any requirement you make. Just find a design that captures your attention, and we’ll personalize it according to your preferences in style, giving you your dream wedding arrangements.

We have a range of colors available, allowing you to choose colors which are suit your choice. We can also incorporate out of season flowers into your Bouquet. Work with a range of budgets can also be done to create your dream Bouquets 

Our dedicated team of expert wedding florists will help you bring your vision to life and will make sure to add those important personal touches for the bride and groom, bridesmaids and ushers, special guests and venue decorations.

If you are looking for beautiful, ethically sourced fresh flowers for your wedding, then you are at the right place

Prepare to be amazed at all the wedding flower inspiration we have for you, and to find the perfect flowers for your wedding here.

Range of Wedding Arrangements

Bridal Bouquets

We supply a variety of hand-crafted bouquets, perfect for your special day.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Check out our bridesmaid bouquets selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our bouquets shops.

Button Holes / Corsages

Hello grooms, groomsmen and VIP male guests! If you don't know a single thing about wedding buttonholes, we're here to help get you

Pedestal Arrangements

Our freshest collections of pedestal arrangements are sure to Pede-STEAL the show! 

Pew Ends

Looking for a pretty way to decorate your aisle? Get our amazing designs of pew ends and get the finest finishing to your dream decor!

Table arrangements

Custom made table arrangements for the auspicious occasion of your wedding.

You Can...

First, explore our variety of flowers online and place an order through our page, leaving instructions we should follow to make your wedding floral arrangement unique. Second, our team of specialized florists will do their best to create your dream arrangement. Thirdly, our trusted delivery team will deliver it to your door or an address you gave us.

Similarly, another option is to give our store a visit, view the different types of flower arrangements we offer before making your choice. Our florists in the store would also be able to advise you on different colors as well as arrangements if you weren't certain, being a helpful hand. By the end, you'll be walking out of our store with a satisfied smile and an outstanding floral arrangement already made and ready to be delivered to you!

So why not have a quick explore of our wedding arrangements selection on our page? A look won't hurt! Click Here

Our Team...

It is known for delivering orders to our customer's desired address they provided, 6 days per week between 8 am and 6 pm. Furthermore, if needed, our customers can always leave important or small notes that will be used as instructions to our florist team or delivery team. In addition, this aspect can be found at our confirm page at our checkout section, so please look into it if you have to!

Our tea can also aid you in providing consultations if you feel jinxed up with so many ideas and inspirations. We can provide you with recommendations of most liked and appreciated floral arrangements across the UK. Furthermore, it is our job to make you feel satisfied with all the styles and colors you pick from. Every petal of the flower is up to us to suit your style. People who chose us for their big-day have always come back telling us how awesome our work has been.

This has always been because of our hardworking and devoted team who always gives their best to our customers!

Here are our contact information for any questions or queries you might have or to simply be able to locate our store and give us a visit!


Located in East Sheen London, we are here to deliver amazing customer service as well as the best quality flowers for our customers around London.

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We hope to be able to hear about your perfect floral arrangement and be able to help create it for you soon!