There is no minimum order, however all orders are placed by bunch and there is a minimum quantity per bunch.
We provide bunches of single flowers. We are not a traditional florist and do not provide bouquets. However, we will soon be launching “book a florist” whereby one can hire one of our suggested florists by the hour to create more artistic looks.
Our flowers are sourced, for the most part, directly from the auctions in Holland. Other specific varieties are procured from the source including far-reaching locations such as Costa Rica, Israel, Thailand, Italy and Ecuador.
The flowers come to the UK directly from auction which means they are not sitting around on a lorry or in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. They are immediately repackaged upon arrival at the GINGER AND SPICE FLORIST depot and delivered, on the same day, to your doorstep.
Gifts are not only accepted, they are encouraged at GINGER AND SPICE FLORIST. What better way to show someone you love them than by sending them a subscription of fresh flowers that they can arrange according to their own taste?
Absolutely. We hope to encourage every home and every business to have fresh flowers in their lives as little or as often as possible. Ordering flowers has never been so easy or cost-effective.
Yes. In your account profile, you can specify your delivery preferences to include instructions when no one is home. Your order will be left in our exclusively designed GINGER AND SPICE FLORIST buckets which keep the stems in water and keep your flowers or branches fresh.
Yes! We will do our best to obtain any flowers that you desire. Obviously, this depends somewhat on seasonal availability, but if they exist, we will do our best to get them for you through our special request.
Yes. As mentioned above, we will do our best to get you whatever flowers you are looking for in any colour you desire.
Our prices are lower than any other traditional florists in the UK, as our model is lean and efficient. We do not hold stock. We bid at auction based on your individual orders, thereby avoiding waste and high overhead costs. In this way, we are able to pass savings onto you.
We select the best flowers in season for your subscription. These are carefully selected by our team.
GINGER AND SPICE FLORIST offers subscriptions for white and coloured flowers for £50 (including delivery). The products are seasonal so our team carefully select and curate the best quality flowers throughout the year. You can order flowers to be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly to yourself or as a gift. Payments for subscriptions are taken 3 days before the next delivery date.
You can view your subscription in MY ACCOUNT under SUBSCRIPTIONS.
We take the Payment for your subscription 3 days before the next delivery date. You can check the next delivery date in MY ACCOUNT under MY SUBSCRIPTIONS.
Please contact our Customer Service Team if you wish to change anything on your subscription. This can be the payment details, delivery address or date of delivery. The Customer Service Team’s contact details are below:
TELEPHONE: +44 (0)20 8876 0955
HRS AVAILABLE: Mon – Sat 8am – 8pm and Sun 8am – 6pm
EMAIL: contact@https://www.gingerandspiceflorist.com.
Yes. We need a minimum of a week notice to cancel a subscription or existing order. Please contact our Customer Service Team who can help you with this.