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Buy Wedding Flowers in UK

Ginger and Spice Florists have been there for hundreds of Weddings since 1997, Wedding season is our favourite time of year. We have all sorts of wedding decoration supplies here at our store ready and waiting! All our flowers are prepped and ready to be the next beautiful wedding bouquet. We can design your whole wedding from the most important Bridal Bouquet and Buttonholes to Table Arrangements, Pedestals and Pew Arrangements. If you are looking to Buy Wedding Flowers in UK then we are here to help and deliver.

We will take care of all your floral needs and will make your big day one to remember leaving you to relax and enjoy. We are ready at our store to provide you with flowers that are refreshing and smell amazing. Our store has many varieties of flowers in all sorts of colours, choose your theme and we will cater to that to the best of our abilities. Either you are going for an all-white wedding in which case we have various kinds of white lilies, roses, tulips, freesia etc ready to go, or you go for something more colourful or even tropical. In that case, we stock all sorts of exotic flowers like Birds of Paradise, Protea, Anthuriums, you name it we can get it for you. We provide a diverse range of colours and arrangements for weddings for any type of celebration here in the UK.

Design your wedding

Even if you want to keep it all traditional we can provide you with beautiful bridal bouquets, corsages, buttonholes and the like. Or if you want to go more contemporary wedding flowers we can discuss that, or if you want a single bridal bouquet, if you want a complete setup or just require a corsage, we are all at your service. You may go through our variety of flowers and select for your own. If you are sure about what you want and you don’t need any suggestions then it’s all fine. But if your big day has come just in a haste and you want someone to think for you about the decorations then you are at the right place. We will think for you and will design a complete package for the floral arrangements of your wedding day.

Flowers Represent seasons

If you desire to buy in season, grown locally in farms British Wedding Flowers, then Ginger and Spice Florists the best suppliers across UK. Many of the farmers use pesticides to grow flowers but our farmers keep it all-natural. Even if you desire to buy artificial flowers we can still cater to your needs efficiently. We have a range of artificial flowers as well.

Ginger and Spice excels in wedding floral arrangements all in inspiration from the natural beauty of nature around the town. We use a lot of foliage, flowers either seasonal or artificial or twigs and branches to construct your desired orders.

Our flowers are seasonal garden blooms, grown with extreme care, for weddings. We are requisite florists constructing bouquets and wedding arrangements across UK. From single lily to a bunch of roses filled with color and texture.

 Inspirations for Our Designs

We are really driven about using extreme designs for our bouquets and wedding arrangements. We get inspired by the life stories of people around us. Our customers are a major source of inspiration for us. We are willing to provide people exactly what they desire by keeping up with their preferences and choices. We want our customers to relate to the product they order hence we want to keep their preferences our best guideline.