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Buy Silk flowers in the UK

Looking for realistic faux flowers in the UK? Buy Silk flowers in the UK at Ginger and Spice Florists

Not only do we stock a whole range of fresh and vibrant cut flowers we also have a whole range of Artificial Flowers that you won’t believe aren’t the real deal. We have a large collection of silk flowers and artificial foliage that we can ship to you as individual stems or arrange for you in one of our PTMD collection vases.

We stock such good quality faux flowers that you would not be able to tell the difference between them and the real thing. It’s because of this high quality that many people have begun to use them in Wedding floral arrangements so there’s no worry of the blooms fading before the big day. We also make artificial Christmas and Easter arrangements too so they stay looking incredible all season long.

You can now create beautiful and eye-catching arrangements in your home or office with a one-time expenditure. No more wilting and browning flowers, these arrangements will stay looking colourful and fresh forever. Low maintenance flowers that won’t disappoint. Whether you want them as single stems in bottles, full arrangements or even a whole handmade wedding set, Ginger and Spice will help create a perfect faux floral display that will last a lifetime.

Artificial Flowers

Flowers add life and warmth in any surroundings and bring beauty to any occasion. They commemorate special events, show love and praise to special people in your life, or even just freshen up a table setting or a countertop. But they do require maintenance and constant replacement. If you are struggling to keep your flowers fresh then making use of the alternative and buying artificial flowers for year-long style and colour could be the solution.

We have all different types and colours for you to choose from. Head over to our silk flowers page to look through the options or come join us in-store to inquire about any kind of flower and we will see if we can order it in for you. We can create a wide variety of faux floral arrangements, in vases, pots, baskets, you name it. The limit is your imagination. Or if you want to leave it in the hands of our capable florists they will definitely come up with an exciting artificial flower display that’s just as good as real floral arrangements. Faux flowers give us the ability to customize the product in any desired way.

Keep them for yourself or give them as a gift to bring you and your loved ones beautiful flowers for days, weeks and years to come. Buy Silk flowers in the UK from Ginger and Spice Florists.

To find out more visit our SILK FLOWERS PAGE.

Enjoy everlasting blooms!