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Flowers are the fragments of heaven thrown into the world to make people whirl around them at moments of joy or grief!

In East Sheen London there are many florists doing their job very well I providing people with their floral needs. But we at Ginger and spice florists are very keen to keep everything nice. We are always eager to not only fulfill our customer’s orders but also to leave our marks in their hearts for long. If someone desires to buy flowers in SW14 7PS then Ginger and spice florists are always here to cater to the needs with additional icing on the cake as well.

It is a norm that people desire their ceremonies to be given final touches of assortments of flowers here and there. Either its the talk to get bridal bouquet on weddings or to get floral pew ends on any gathering of happiness. In East Sheen village there are numerous assortments of flowers for customers to select in our shop of Ginger and Spice Florists.

Floral sellings are the best. As there are no overworked office files to deal with or not any burnt smoke smells in the air. It’s always all fresh and a bit more fresh in our outlets of Ginger and Spice Florists. Buy Flowers in SW14 7PS with a carefree thought of having the best of the bests. Our customers are so reliant upon our services that one of them gave us an order of A bouquet of 100 red roses for his wife that cost him a total of £500.

Ginger and Spice Florists got its unusual name suggested to its owner Javed Ishaq by a friend and refer to the phrase – “Ginger and spice, everything nice.”

A perfect choice and no surprise this shop has been a great success for so long.

We at Ginger and Spice Florists buy some of its stock from London’s flower market at New Covent Garden and also from Holland. “We can order online or go into the lorry and choose from what we see,” stated Manuela. “Flowers delivered this way are very fresh and will usually last from five to seven days.” “Flowers delivered this way are very fresh and will usually last from five to seven days.”

Tulips always gain attention because of their vibrant hues. They come in handy where no color sets well. They are also being grown in blacks too.

Roses remain in demand all round the year as they represent love and love is there everywhere! We always keep our red ones in stock so that no lover goes home without a piece of our fragrant services.


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